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Meth Cleaning & Decontamination Service

If you suspect tenants have been using or cooking meth at your property or you’ve received a clean up notice from council you need us!

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We offer a full range of services from meth testing and inspection to professional meth cleaning, decontamination and remediation of your property. We work with you personally to tailor a plan to suit your individual circumstances.

Meth Testing Brisbane

Pre/post lease meth testing for real estate agents and home owners. Regular testing is the best means to detect if your property is being contaminated and ensures the safety of your tenants.

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Extreme Meth Cleaning

We offer a one-stop decontamination and remediation service. If remediation is required, an action plan is developed according to the specific requirements of your property.

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Info for Real Estate Agents

We provide up to date information and resources to the real estate industry about the risks and laws associated with illicit methamphetamine use and clandestine drug lab operations.

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